Young exotic dancer known as Dinali, who was earlier in the headlines due to her using a snake in her dance routine was found with injuries in Wellampitiya, and has been hospitalized the Police Stated, Colombo media reports. Earlier the snake dancer, Nirosha Wimalaratne, who launched a legal battle to get her snake back from the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens won her case and received the cobra from the zoo officials. She was taken into custody by the Colpetty Police while performing at the Cleopatra Club in Colpetty in August, following a complaint made by the guests at the club about the cobra. Police later found Wimalaratne in her room at the club, with her pet cobra. She was arrested, and following a court order, the cobra was handed over to the Dehiwala Zoo. However, Nirosha challenged the Court’s decision and managed to get back the snake, following a Court order]]>


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