According to the police media unit, investigations have yet to determine how and when the remains were placed at the location in Matale. The police insisted that the investigations being carried out by the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and the Matale police are being conducted in a very transparent manner. At least 10 skeletal remains were first found from the site near the Matale hospital in November last year by construction workers when land near the hospital was being dug-up to construct a new building. Following police investigations excavation work began to look for skeletal remains at the site and during the first two days 10 skeletal remains and a few bone fragments were found. Further excavation continued at the site and more remains were later found.  The JVP had demanded the government to carry out investigations regarding the mass grave found at Matale following fears the remains maybe that of JVP members or supporters killed during in the 1987-89 insurgency. The JVP said that from the manner the skeletal remains were placed it was confirmed that this was a mass grave. “As there have been several instances in the history of this country when people were killed by governments and buried in mass graves and also such mass graves have been found in the country, a methodical investigation should be carried out and the truth revealed promptly. This incident should not be allowed to be buried in time and forgotten,” the JVP had said.]]>


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