Sri Lanka lies about military strength


Sri Lanka has refuted reports that the country’s military presence in the Tamil-dominated north represented five soldiers per civilian, with the army claiming that its current strength in Jaffna was about 10,000.

“In Jaffna the population is around 500,000 and the current Army strength is about 10,000 soldiers. So the statement that five soldiers per civilian is not correct”, Sri Lanka’s Army chief Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya, told reporters.

The Army chief was responding to the reports that had put the current military presence in Jaffna to be around 198,000.

But sources from Jaffna said that the Sri Lanka army is maintaining 30,000 to 40,000 strength in Jaffna and 60,000 soldiers in Vanni. The Sri Lankan Army is interfering the civil activities in Tamil area

Sri Lanka has faced international pressure to de-escalate the military presence in the former conflict zones.


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