Sri Lanka Medical Council Removes Surgeries From MBBS Doctors


Sri  Lanka Medical Council has removed the surgical part from duties of  MBBS(Bachelor Of  Medicine,Bachelor Of Surgery) Doctors through the  Registration Certificate issued for them according to government  doctors. Earlier when a MBBS Doctor has received the registration  certificate from Sri Lanka Medical Council to practice here  it  states that the medical practitioner  has lawfully qualified to practice  medicine and surgery .but under the new registration certificate issued  to MBBS Doctors it has stated that medical practitioner has  lawfully  qualified to practice medicine only.

This decision to remove surgical part from duties of MBBS Doctors will  affect the surgeries in hospitals as majority of surgeries performs in  both government and private hospitals are handled by medical officers it  self hospital sources said.Sri Lanka Medical Council has already  amended the section 29  of Sri Lanka Medical Council Act to enable  removing of the surgical part from doctors duty.
Due to this situation MBBS Doctors are now only able to perform  surgeries under the supervision of medical consultants according to  health sources.


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