Scores of prisoners who died in the Welikada prison clash were in fact summarily executed by the Sri Lankan Special Task Force after the army commandos quelled the prison riot, prisoners and prison officials allege, Colombo media reports.

“The last inmate was killed at around 6 am on Saturday,” said a prison employee. “ The army took control of the prison around 2-3 am on Saturday. After  the riot was quelled,  prisoners had reportedly to gone to their cells. Later, the STF came with a list of names and some inmates were asked to come out of their cells” said an official.

Well-placed sources alleged that 11 bodies which were taken to the Colombo National Hospital were of the victims who had been summarily executed. One inmate had begged that he be spared. “Sir I have two children,” said another official, quoting a prisoner who was an eyewitness. Prison officials alleged that their telephones have been tapped since the incident.

“There is a climate of fear and intimidation since the incident and the authorities are all out to stop information leaking to the public,” a prison official said.



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