Sri Lankan expands Military camps in Jaffna


The area known as Kumapymadu since 1990 has about 30 Tamil families residing. It had been planned to set up another military camp in the area after the war ended in 2009. Work is to now commence to set up the camp. The navy is currently forcibly occupying a large extent of land in the coastal area of the Jaffna peninsula. The situation has posed a great problem for the fishermen to carry out their work. The military has reportedly put pr4essure on the villagers to leave the Kumpaymadu area and bulldozers are being used by the military to clear the area. Although all Tamil political parties, civil society and International community activists have called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa to minimize the military presence in the North to allow normal civilian life to continue, there has not been an improvement in the situation.]]>


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