So called Professor Rohan Gunaratne, the international spy who is operating under different guises has got caught again, LNW reported. This time, the bogus authority on good governance, self righteousness and terrorism poses as Advisor to the Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence and its Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa. He tells unsuspecting diplomats representing various countries from who he seeks personal favors that it is he who writes all the speeches of Defence Secretary Rajapaksa. He also tells that he is the personal advisor. We reveal exclusively today how the bogus Professori Gunaratne was in Sri Lanka, arranged by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which he represents (among others including Mossad) to conduct a course to local Sri Lanka journalists on regional security. He is in contact with officers working under cover at the United States Embassy in Colombo and the American Center. A top American Center officials is known in Washington intelligence circles as a CIA under cover operative. If you say that is not so bad, here is more. During his visits to Colombo, including this trip for Christmas, he used vehicles provided to him by the State Intelligence Service, Sri Lanka’s main intelligence gathering agency. He is a personal friend of its director. A luxury vehicle given for use by bogus Professor Gunaratne is one of a large fleet which SIS officers have brought down to Colombo from the North.  They have all been brought to Colombo by SIS senior operatives. Some are used for official purposes whilst others are used for their personal purposes. The Motor Traffic Department has given them a set of vehicle number plates. These are frequently changed and used in these vehicles. The SIS boss also allows his personal friends to use these vehicles, mainly for long outstation trips lasting several days. Bogus Professor Gunaratne is also a member of board of Lakshman Kadirgaram Institute for Foregin Relations. He has been usingthis title to gain access to foreign universities as lecturer. Recently he quoted one million rupees as charges for an Army officer who wanted to write a thesis at the defence academy in europe where he is learning. He promised to make him best student.]]>


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