Sri Lankans immigrants found in Indonesia


aus-tamil-boatA group of 21 immigrants from Sri Lanka have been rescued by Indonesian authorities after being stranded in the waters of Sendangbiru, Malang, East Java for a week, without food or water.

The Indonesian media reported that the Sri Lankan boat, which had faced engine failure, was first spotted by a local fisherman.

Residents of the nearby Sendangbiru village  helped the Sri Lankans by giving them food after the boat drifted near the shore.

The 21 Sri Lankans were eventually brought ashore and the authorities were then informed.

According to the Head of the Police Air and Sea Air operations, Inspector Prayitno, 21 Sri Lankans were on the boat and information about them is still being collected.

“They are still weak because they have not eaten for a week,” he told the local media today.

The Sri Lankans are to be handed over to the Immigration Office in Malang.