Stephen expresses renewed concern over HR violations


Stephen Woodworth, Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre, has expressed renewed concern over human rights violation in Sri Lanka in light of recent reports of violent clashes on the University of Jaffna campus between Tamil students and security forces. A reported twenty students were wounded, seven of whom were hospitalized and four were detained, following a peaceful demonstration by Tamil students to commemorate those who have lost lives during the ongoing struggle of the Tamil nation. “Parliamentarians have the responsibility to make it our first priority to raise our voice in support of every person’s fundamental human rights,” said Woodworth. These latest incidents are evidence of ongoing tensions directed at Tamils in Sri Lanka. “I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers towards all those that have been affected by the latest violent attacks and I urge the international community to call on the Sri Lankan Government to put in place measures to ensure the protection of human rights,” he concluded.]]>


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