Stop violence against Kudankulam protesters


Why is this important? After Fukushima the world recognized the folly of building nuclear reactors on the coastline, apart from other reasons, because the world’s polar ice caps are rapidly melting and increased tsunamis are probable. But the Indian government has refused to step back from its folly and the Tamil Nad government has become its rubber stamp. As such the protesters at Kudankulam are not merely the protectors of their own land and livelihood, they are the protectors of our planet. Their satyagraha against the irreversible act of loading nuclear fuel into the Kudankulam reactors is a fight against myopia and madness. Shooting into this crowd was no less heinous than the actions of General Dyer at Jallianwalla Bagh. Crushing dissent without addressing it through a peaceful discussion is undemocratic and condemnable in the world’s largest democracy. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha we ask that you step back from the brink and re-align yourself with the forces of sanity. Sign this petition asking CM Jayalalitha to withdraw the police force and have a civilised discussion with the people protesting against the nuclear power project in Kudankulam.  ]]>


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