Suspicious deaths of university activists


The two students from south who died when the motorcycle they were travelling in collided with an electric post   Today (27) in the morning at Imbulgoda, in Gampaha, were two frontline activists on the Inter University Students Federation.

One of the dead students was Janaka Bandara Ekanayake, Committee member of the Student Council of the Kelaniya University, a final year student at the Faculty of Commerce and Management.

The other was from Ruhuna University, H.P. S. Priyankara De Silva, a frontline activist of the IUSF, and first year student at the management faculty.

They both died on the spot due to the accident when they were traveling engaged in their student’s activities.

The Inter University Students Federation believes that there is grave reason to suspect the manner of their deaths.

They say that there are eyewitness accounts that they been travelling at a fast speed, and a vehicle, which had come from behind, had knocked into the bike.


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