Tamil De-miner killed in explosion


A local de-miner was killed following a mine explosion in Jaffna today, police sources in Jaffna said.

The de-miner, who works for the HALO Trust non-governmental organization, was clearing mines in Muhamalai when the explosion took place.

The victim was identified as K. Muragesu, a resident of Kilinochchi.

Between 2002 and October 2012, HALO Sri Lanka has cleared over 650 hectares (1,607 acres) of minefields and systematic Battle Area Clearance of over 1,640 hectares (4,052 acres) whilst destroying over 143,000 landmines, 51,500 items of large calibre ammunition and 440,000 bullets.

This work was focussed on over 500 mainly high density minefields and former battlefields.