Tamil Demonstrators blocked by SL police


The ri Lankan police blocked a group of people heading to Colombo from the north to take part in a demonstration over the disappeared, Tamil politician Mano Ganeshan said. He told the Colombo Gazette that some 10 bus loads of people mainly from Vavuniya and Mannar, which were preparing to leave Vavuniya today, were blocked by the police.

Ganeshan said that the police had warned the people that there was information the buses may come under attack when heading to Colombo.

“The police had also threatened the bus drivers telling them not to proceed to Colombo,” he said.

Ganeshan said that the people are scheduled to take part in a mass demonstration in Colombo tomorrow (Wednesday) demanding to know the whereabouts of several of their family members who went missing during and soon after the war.

The Tamil MP said that the organizers of the demonstration had decided to ask the buses to continue with the schedule and proceed to Colombo despite the police warning.

He said that the demonstration scheduled to be held in Colombo tomorrow morning will also go on as planned.

The demonstration is being held at a time the UN Human Rights Council is meeting in Geneva with the issue on Sri Lanka also being discussed.


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