Tamil fishermen distressed


Around 11,000 fisher families in Jaffna are severely affected by the bad weather which is prevailing in the country, an official from Jaffna said.

Jaffna District Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Union’s Federation (JDFCSUF) President, Anthony Pillai said, the rough strong winds which is currently prevailing in the country have made Jaffna based fishermen abstain from going to fish in the seas.

He also said that most of these fishermen are afraid to go to the seas since the winds are so strong and the trawlers they have are not equipped enough to manage in the seas.

“Due to this, some of the fisher families do not have enough income for their day to day purposes. This has inconvenienced so many families to find alternative jobs for survival,” Pillai said. But even that is difficult since fishing has been the job that they have been doing since of their ancestors.

Pillai also said that some of these fishermen do not have even food to eat, since they don’t go to fish. Only 20 percent of these fishermen really go to the waters.



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