The military intelligence unit is reportedly engaged in taking photographs and registering details of families that have resettled in Mullivaikkal West and Ambalavan Pokkanai.

This programme is being carried out with the knowledge and support of the army that has been positioned in the area. The resettled people have expressed fear since they are once again being secretly registered after being resettled.

The Grama Sevakas in the Mullivaikkal West and Ambalavan Pokkanai areas have returned to the villages and had legally registered the people who had resettled. Human rights activists say that the move by the military intelligence to carry out another secret registration process by taking photographs of the people has instilled fear among the resettled people and is also a violation of their rights.

Meanwhile, the government has instructed the authorities and the army not to carry out any resettlement after the Menik Farm camp was publicly closed on September 24th. Hence, the villages of Kepapilav and Mullikulam that have been taken over by the military would not be returned to the people.

The villages have been converted into a high security zone and private properties of the people are being used by the military. (LNW)


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