Students attached to the Jaffna university and Tamil people are being monitored by the Sri Lankan police and military intelligence officers, the ‘We are Sri Lankan’ organization said. Convener of the organization, Udul Premaratna, said that following the recent tensions at the university it has been noted that officers in civil clothes are keeping a close eye on those entering the university on a daily basis. He also said that in some cases photographs are taken of the students and their families by officers in uniform who visit their homes. “There is clearly a military rule in Jaffna. There are no two words about it. People can’t even protest freely in Jaffna,” Premaratne told The Sunday Leader. He also said that there is “Sinhalisation” taking place in parts of the north with streets with Tamil names being renamed into Sinhalese. “For example Vadukodai in Kilinochchi has been named Vadukodipitiya,” he said.]]>


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