Tamils do not know about missing ones: UK


Sri Lanka still needs to focus on post-war rehabilitation challenges to affect real reconciliation, British High Commissioner John Rankin said in a statement.

In the statement released after John Rankin visited the former war zone in the Northern province, he called on the Sri Lankan government to investigate disappearances and resolve land issues that prevent people from leading normal lives.

“I have seen some of the continuing challenges faced by people after so many years of conflict and displacement. Land issues built up over decades remain complex; some people do not know what happened to lost loved ones; and many women heads of household face difficulties playing the dual roles of bread winner and care provider,” he was quoted as saying in the statement.

Rankin urged the Sri Lankan government to look into the issues and pledged continued support from the British government to promote reconciliation.
“I hope post-conflict issues can be further resolved in the context of continuing reconciliation and development processes. The British government will continue to assist in such efforts, in support of peace, security and prosperity for the Sri Lankan people.” (Xinhua-ANI)


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