Tamils urge International solidarity


Jaffna University Tamil students were arrested by Sri Lanka’s notorious Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) on Friday, 30th November just three days after they had organised a rally to remember fallen Tamil Heroes. Eelam Tamil Heroes Day takes place on 27th November, but this year Sri Lankan forces tried to stop all religious ceremonies and even raided homes to snuff out remembrance candles. The students’ rally was hugely brave and defiant in the face of the military occupation. Lecturers at Jaffna University went on half-day strike to protest the detention of their students. The TID said they would take the students to Colombo for interrogation. The students are in grave danger of torture and maltreatment. Tamil Diaspora urges all supporters to demand their immediate release. They are: Paralingam Tharshananth (Secretary of the Jaffna Students Union)Ganesamurthy Sudarsan (Medical Faculty Student),Kangasundaraswamy Janamejeyanth (Arts Union President),Sanmugam Solomon (Final year Science Faculty Student)  ]]>


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