TESO conference – TNA in crisis


Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M. Karunanidhi has put the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) at crossroads sending invitations to only four TNA MPs to participate at the Tamil Eelam Support (TESO) conference scheduled on August 12 at Vilupuram, Chennai.

 Karunanidhi issuing a statement on Thursday said TNA MPs Mavai Senadhirajah, M.A.Sumanthiran, S.Yogeswaran and E.Saravanapavan had accepted his invitation and agreed to participate. However, TNA General Secretary, Mavai Senadirajah, MP, he said to the Colombo media that participation depended on the party agreeing and the TNA had still not thought of it or held any discussion. Similar sentiments were  also expressed by other TNA MPs. Batticaloa district TNA MP, P. Ariyanenthiran said that he was not aware of any such invitation.

 A majority of Tamil Nadu media last week reported Karunanidhi was trying to boost his sagging morale at the expense of Sri Lankan Tamils after badly losing the State Assembly elections.

In a Talk Show over the popular Chennai based Jeya TV last week, it was said that Karunanidhi could have saved the Tamils during the height of the Eelam war when he was Chief Minister and also a coalition partner of the ruling Congress party.

“He could have asked the Central Government to bring pressure on the Sri Lanka government to stop the attacks. But he just kept quiet and is now shedding crocodile tears,” it was reported. He was also described as an ‘absolute hypocrite’. “Badly beaten in the elections and in political wilderness he is giving  succour to Eelam sympathizers just to keep himself afloat,” the TV show further revealed.

 Meanwhile, the Jathika Hela Urumaya, a Sinhala political party in a statement warned that unless concrete action is taken to stop participation of four TNA MPs to the TESO conference, it will not be long before that such a conference would take place in Sri Lanka, too. The National Patriotic Movement called for the arrest of any Sri Lankan MPs attending this conference.



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