Thileepan remembered in Tamil Nadu


In solidarity with Eelam Tamils, the youth of Tamil Nadu held a remembrance event of Lt. Col. Thileepan who was in charge of the LTTE’s political wing in Jaffna during the mid eighties on last week at Chennai. The event was marked with the lighting of candles as dusk fell.

In an effort to persuade the Indian government to honour its obligations (or perhaps to force Delhi to reveal its hand) Lt. Col. Thileepan began a fast-unto-death on 15 August 1987 in the grounds of the Nallur Kandaswamy temple. Notably, as well as refusing to eat, Thileepan wouldn’t drink water either.

“In the name of a peace keeping force, they [Indian Central Government] deployed an army, which killed thousands of tamils, raped many tamil women, bombed schools and hospitals, an activist told.


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