The Sri Lankan Terrorism Investigations Department (TID) that operates under the direct instructions of Defence Ministry Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa conducted a search on TNA MP Sritharan’s office in Kilinochchi as part of its suppression activities in the North. The TID had reportedly found C-4 explosives from the office during the search conducted on the 12th. Political activists in North say that it is the peak of attempts to suppress the people and politicians in the North. Wasanthan, who supported MP Sritharan during the elections, was taken into custody by the TID on the 11th. The TID had arrived at Sritharan’s Kilinochchi office with him and searched the kitchen area where it is claimed that they had found C-4 explosives. The TID had also arrested 38 year old Velamalidan. Sritharan’s media secretary Ponnambalam Lakshinathan had also been subjected to an interrogation. Conspiracy to silence Sritharan The country’s defence establishment had got the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to summon Sritharan to its office several times to record statements. The security provided to his Kilinochchi office was withdrawn on December 4th. Although the reason for the withdrawal of the security has been questioned from the IGP, a response is yet to be received. A political activist in the North said that the Rajapaksa government and the Defence Secretary wanted to silence TNA MP Sritharan since he spoke for Tamil rights in and outside parliament. Suppression in the North About 100 youth including university students have been taken into custody in the last two months and among them are a doctor and a school boy. Head of the Tamil National People’s Front, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam was also summoned by the TID for questioning. Rev. Fr. Pravin from the Center for Peace and Reconciliation in Jaffna was also summoned by the CID on the 11th. (LNW)  ]]>


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