TNA parliamentary group leader R. Sampanthan, a member of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK), ignores his party member Mr Tharsananth, who was arrested by Sri Lankan forces, Jaffna sources told to the Eelam-e-News. Tharanath is an active member of ITAK’s youth unit and Jaffna University student. Sampanthn believes that this issue should not be a priority for them at the moment, a TNA member said. When TNA members met in Colombo recently, Mr. Sampanthan did not mention anything about the student arrest, he added. However, members of the other Tamil parties said they would like to continue their protest until all student release from Sri Lankan detention. A TNA source said that some of the constituent parties were worried that with ITAK being the dominant party and the candidates would get ignored by Sampanthan.  ]]>


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