Leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), R. Sampanthan said, if the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa suggests forming a national provincial governance in the Eastern Province, the TNA was prepared to consider it. The TNA leader made the observation at a press conference held at Hotel Janaki Saturday, where he said the suggestion to form a national Provincial Council should come from Rajapaksa and not from Ministers such as Keheliya Rambukwella or Susil Premajayantha. “If the Rajapaksa makes the suggestion, we would consider it. We have been expecting the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) to support us to form a Provincial Council administration, but they have not indicated anything so far about its stance with regard to the formation of the Eastern Provincial Council. The TNA had even expressed its willingness to offer the Chief Minister post to the SLMC. But, they did not discussed this with us or conveyed to us the decision the party is going to take,” Sampanthan said adding, “The government kept on saying the SLMC was going to support it. But, the party has not told us anything about it.” The SLMC and the TNA were expected to hold a meeting yesterday, but the SLMC failed to turn up for the meeting, whereas the party held a lengthy meeting at Temple Trees. “We want the SLMC to take a sensible decision. If the SLMC had contested along with the UPFA, even the Muslims would not have voted for them. The Muslims in the East voted for them as they contested without joining the UPFA. Therefore, the SLMC should respect the people who had voted for them,” Sampanthan said.]]>


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