Students of the Jaffna University staged peaceful protest in the university premises on condemning the brutal attacks carried out by the Lankan army and police personals entered to the male and female hostels last evening. Military and police personals forcibly enter the hostel premises last evening has warned students in the gun point and also cause major damages towards properties. During the time of peaceful protest military and police personals carried out attack against the protesters. More than fifty students were severely injured and currently receiving treatment at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. Tamil National People’s Front thoroughly condemns this brutal activity. Youths are the future leaders of this country. University students plays important role in the development activities of this country. It’s our duty to stand beside them when they face threats to enjoy their freedom. We thoroughly condemn this activity and also orgaisned protest campaign on December 4 at 11.00 am -12.00 pm in the Jaffna bus stop. We would like to invite people to take part in this protest campaign.  ]]>


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