It is seven years since the killing of five students in Trincomalee by the security forces. The five students Manoharan Ragihar (22.9.1985), Yogaraja Hemachandra (4.3.1985), Logidharaj Rohan (7.3.1985), Dangathurai Sivananda (6.4.1985) and Shanmugaraja Gajendran (16.9.1985) were killed near the Gandhi statue in Trincomalee. Manoharan Ragihar’s father Dr. Mahnoharan speaking to the Tamil Net website has said that the Chirstmases and New Years since the killing of his son have been a difficult time for the family. “My son’s killers still roam freely in the country. Myself, my family members and several organizations are trying to find justice for those who were killed. That is my only solace.” Dr. Manoharan says that a petition has been filed against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa before the district court in the District of Colombia. Dr. Manoharan has further stated, “I believe that the assassination was carried out by a special task force team that operated under inspector of police Kapila Jayasekera.” A Wikileaks cable last year revealed that Minister Basil Rajapaksa had told then US Ambassador to Sri Lanka that the assassination of the five students in Trincomalee was carried out by the Special Task Force. “They killed my son and it was a pre-planned operation. It was my son’s body that I saw first when I went to the mortuary. That sight shocked me. He had five gunshot wounds. Even the judicial medical report clearly states it. I’m the first witness in my son’s assassination. It is very clear that it was carried out by the Sri Lankan security forces.” “My life and the lives of my other children were under constant threat following the assassination. I cannot live in Sri Lanka any longer. I have to work on bringing justice to my son who was killed. That is my right, but I cannot exercise this right in Sri Lanka. Human rights are not safe in Sri Lanka. That is why I left the country with my family,” Dr. Manoharan has said. He has also added, “I have no faith in Sri Lanka’s judiciary. But I have faith that there would be justice for my son in front of an international court.” These comments were taken from the video compiled by Amnesty International under the subject “Ragihar Manoharan, Sri Lanka – Write for Rights.” Dr. Manoharan is living with his family in Britain. Even seven years after the assassination, the killers still roam free. The Sri Lankan officials who attended the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions last March undertook to re-commence investigations into the killing of the five students in Trincomalee. Even international human rights organizations claimed that the killings were carried out by members of the security forces. A report released by Amnesty International in 2012 also states it. (LNW)]]>


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