Troops will remain in Tamil area -Gota


The Sri Lankan defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said troops would continue to remain in Tamils area for security reasons.

“The number of troops deployed and the number of camps remaining in the North and East has also been reduced to a bare minimum. Twenty eight battalions have been relocated in the South and East. The overall number of troops in the North has been reduced by more than 21,000 since 2009.

Troops will remain in strategic locations for security purposes, Mr. Rajapaksa said.

Meanwhile. the Sri Lankan military intelligence knows that what Tamil people eat for their lunch, BBC reports last week.

The Sri Lankan army presence is still massive in Nort. Travelling across northern Sri Lanka is like criss-crossing from garrison to garrison.

In fact the number of soldiers on patrol has fallen sharply. They have been asked to reduce their visibility. And many places like the army-run cafes and shops which had sprung up, have now been closed.



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