International medias has published news items that the Channel 4 will telecast two videos containing new evidences stating war crimes were executed by Sri Lanka military against the Tamil people at the final phase of war in Sri Lanka, Jaffna daily reports. Channel 4 TV already telecasted the Sri Lanka war crime accusation videos and Sri Lanka faced massive setbacks international wide. In this state, the TV channel has notified that they would telecast two more videos. The new videos concerning the Sri Lanka war crimes are produced by the evidences catered by 8 former rebels escaped to foreign countries during war in Sri Lanka. The United Nation Organization’s human rights council’s sessions will be held in the forthcoming month of March. Before the commencement of the sessions, the two videos will be telecast was said. The two new video illustrates, information about Tamil Eelam Liberation tiger movement important leaders and Sri Lanka government will face more drawbacks by this telecast was pointed out by the said media.]]>


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