UK wants credible and independent investigation


Human rights issues concerning journalists and human rights defenders, the climate of impunity and the impeachment of the former Chief Justice has raised serious questions about Sri Lanka’s respect for the rule of law, the UK stated during the UNHRC sessions.

The UK delegation pointed out that it is vital that Sri Lanka take further steps to demonstrate its commitment to the democratic values it has pledges voluntarily to uphold given its scheduled hosting of the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting.

UK stressed that the government needs to implement all recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) despite its shortcomings in order to ensure reconciliation and the full enjoyment of human rights for all its citizens.

The delegation commended Sri Lanka on its progress concerning demining but stated that it was disappointed with Sri Lanka’s slow progress concerning the implementation of its own National Action Plan.

The UK encouraged Sri Lanka to look into human rights violations and alleged war crimes depicted in the Channel Four footage by initiating a credible and independent investigation into the allegations.

The Norwegian delegation shared similar sentiments highlighting further work that needed to be done in the country regarding reconciliation, accountability and a political solution.

It stressed that sustainable peace can only be built on a political solution that is acceptable to all the people including the minorities.