UN Committee concerned about returnees


The United Nations Committee Against Torture, expressed serious concern with regard to the UK Government’s deportation of failed asylum seekers to Sri Lanka, in a report released on Friday.

The United Nations Committee has given the government 12 months to explain how it plans to make improvements in key areas of the establishment of an inquiry into UK’s involvement in torture overseas; ensuring Sri Lankan asylum seekers are not forcibly returned when they face mistreatment at home; securing the release from Guantanamo of the British resident Shaker Aamer; and establishing inquiries into human rights violations committed during the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Along with many other recommendations, the report urged the UK Government to consider halting the deportation of failed asylum seekers to Sri Lanka.

The concern raised in the report, over the UK stance on Tamil asylum seekers from Sri Lanka comes after Tamils Against Genocide, a non-profit human rights organization, submitted a report, outlining UK’s failure to adhere to Article 3 of the UN Convention Against Torture, at the 50th Session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture.