UN responsible for Sri Lankan genocide: Vaiko


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and officials should be questioned over Sri Lankan Tamils massacre, said MDMK leader Vaiko.

The Report of the UN Secretary-General’s Internal Review Panel on United Nations Action in Sri Lanka, submitted to Ban Ki-moon and made public yesterday, offers a strong indictment of the UN’s response to Sri Lanka’s armed conflict. It deals with a period of conflict in Sri Lanka when very grave violations of international law are alleged and where effective UN action might have averted some of the worst of the violations.

Instead the text describes a scenario where UN officials repeatedly failed civilians they were entrusted protect, while ignoring or downplaying mounting evidence of war crimes compiled by their own staff as they struggled to appease Sri Lankan authorities intent on restricting humanitarian space.

“Unfortunately this report confirms the UN inaction and India’s involvement in Sri Lankan genocide”, he said.

He to renew its call for an independent investigation into alleged war crimes by the Sri Lankan army and urges Tamils around the world to protest the UN inaction in war and after the war.


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