UNHRC fails seek an international probe


The UNHRC resolution passed Thursday in Geneva fails to seek an independent international probe into human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, Human Rights Watch said Thursday.

It was the second year in a row that the 47-member Council adopted a resolution on reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka.

The Council “noted with concern” the failure by Sri Lanka to address serious allegations of violations but stopped short of holding it accountable for that failure, Human Rights Watch said.

The resolution was adopted by a clear majority of 25 votes in favour, including India and Brazil, and 13 against, including Pakistan, Venezuela, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

“While the continued inclusion of Sri Lanka on the Council’s agenda is an important step, the Council failed to call for an independent, international investigation into war crimes and other serious human rights abuses committed by the LTTE and government forces during the last phase of the war,” Human Rights Watch said.

“The Council has failed victims again this year, but Human Rights Watch believes that the Council will ultimately reach that same conclusion.”

Meenakshi Ganguly, Human Rights Watch’s South Asia director, said India had said that a probe by Sri Lanka into the alleged war crimes should satisfy the international community.

“Instead, India should have worked with the Council to call for an independent, international investigation,” she said.