US claims Al-Qaeda operating in Lanka


A US media report has claimed that Al-Qaeda factions are operating in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and these groups then enter the U.S. for terrorist activities., an independent news network operating in Washington also reported, quoting sources as saying that Iran was behind the Boston bombings and pointed to the collaboration of the regime’s Quds Forces with Hezbollah and elements of Al-Qaeda with links to individuals in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

He said that under Quds Force guidance, Hezbollah recruited Sunni terrorists allied with Al-Qaeda factions in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, who then entered the U.S. for terrorist activities.

Meanwhile the Telegraph reported that a recipe for how to make pressure cooker bombs, which investigators say were used in the Boston Marathon attack, was most notoriously published in the Al-Qaeda magazine Inspire.

In 2006 it was reported that the police arrested five Maldivian nationals in Colombo sparking unconfirmed rumours that the suspects were linked to Al-Qaeda.

The Sri Lankan government has however insisted that there are no Al-Qaeda cells operating or training in Sri Lanka.