The United States is pleased and proud of its accomplishments during its first term in the UN Human Rights Council which includes the way it dealt with Sri Lanka.

A US State Department release said that on Sri Lanka the United States led the Council in adopting a resolution, which sent a strong signal that Sri Lanka still needs to address outstanding issues of reconciliation and accountability.

The State Department said that since joining the Council in 2009, the United States has ardently worked to help the Council realize its full potential.

“Our efforts to reform the Council from within have resulted in historic and concrete actions against human rights violators around the world. While much work remains to be done at the Council, in particular ending its excessive and unbalanced focus on Israel, with U.S. leadership the Council has spoken up for those who are suffering major human rights violations and are living under the grip of the world’s cruelest regimes. The Council also has taken action to promote accountability for violations and expand human rights and fundamental freedoms worldwide,” it said.

The United States was yesterday reelected to the Council and the State Department said the vote will allow the US to further strengthen the Council and build on what they have already accomplished at the Council by working together with its international partners.


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