vaikoTwo days after leading a protest demanding New Delhi’s support for the US-led resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC, MDMK chief Vaiko on Wednesday rubbished the language of American draft, which he said would not bring justice to Tamils.

Vaiko claimed the resolution which is being brought by the US does not contain the word ‘genocide’, fails to condemn human rights abuses and does not urge an independent international investigation.

“Even the word ‘torture’, which figured in the earlier resolution, has been removed. This resolution which is being brought by the US is not one that will bring justice to Lankan Tamils,” said Vaiko.

He also claimed the only way to deliver justice to Lankan Tamils lies in the creation of a separate Tamil Eelam.

“Tamils across the world should come together to ensure the eviction of Sinhalese from Tamil Nadu, an end to military training to Sri Lankan defence personnel, the institution of an independent international inquiry and the holding of a referendum among Sri Lankan Tamils,” said Vaiko.


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