Australian Tamils Remember 18 May Tamil Genocide


ausThe Tamil people of the island of Sri Lanka have endured premeditated pogroms, persecution and genocide by successive Sri Lankan governments at the hands of Sinhala nationalists over the past six decades.

Possibly over 140,000 unarmed Tamil civilians were killed in final months of the war in the island of Sri Lanka. Thousands of innocent women and children were subjected to horrendous acts of war crimes during this period.

To mark that grave calamity Tamils around the world will observe four years since the Sri Lankan government’s genocidal campaign against the Tamil people. This genocidal campaign continues today in other forms.

The Tamil community in Sydney will gather from 6pm till 9pm on Saturday 18 May at the Bowman Hall, Campbell Street in Blacktown.

The ceremony will commence with the relatives and survivors of the massacre paying their respect to their kith & kin followed by the members of the Australian Tamil community offering floral and devotional tributes. All communities living in Australia are invited to join in the observance.

Special arrangements will be made to media personnel to cover the event.

Media Enquiries :

Seran – 0452 224 205 Avi Selva – 0434 395 537