Countries in favour for Lankan War crimes


idp-tamil0Statements by the countries that voted in favour for Lankan War crimes, at the 22nd session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday.


The contents of the US backed resolution brought against Sri Lanka has been completely shifted in comparison to the resolution presented last year, Pakistan stated at the 22nd United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva today.

“Sri Lanka has on many occasions expressed its views as to why the country cannot accept the resolution brought forward against it at the UNHRC. The parameters proposed by the resolution are beyond reach and out of scope for the Sri Lankan Government to effectively implement the recommendations of the LLRC report” Pakistan added.

The country has not been informed of the contents of the draft, while the consent of the country has not been obtained as well, Pakistan went on to say.

“We appreciate the steps taken by Sri Lanka to end the war. However, Sri Lanka has been ineffective in implementing the recommendations of the LLRC report. We call on the Sri Lankan Government to actively implement the relevant recommendations, while we also agree that Sri Lanka should be granted time and space to effectively implement the recommendations.” Pakistan added.

“The contents of the draft resolution presented at the UNHRC, show a vast difference in comparison with last year, and thereby are blatantly questionable. Therefore this resolution is not genuine and cannot be accepted. Sri Lanka should be assisted in implementing the relevant recommendations and not be criticised. Thereby, Pakistan votes against this resolution.” Pakistan further stated.


The draft resolution put forward by US against Sri Lanka has turned eyes away from what the island nation has done to implement the recommendations of the LLRC report, Venezuela stated at the UNHRC today.

“Sri Lanka has updated its progress and challenges with regard to the LLRC, reconciliation and accountability at the UNHRC. Therefore, the attempts of the Sri Lankan Government should be appreciated. The draft resolution which does not appreciate a nation’s attempt is deemed to be impartial and in genuine. Therefore Venezuela votes against the resolution.”  It further added.


We call on Sri Lanka to work for the ethnic minority in order to uphold accountability and reconciliation in the country, Ecuador stated at the UNHRC session today.

“Ecuador has condemned the violation of human rights in any country. There should not be a biased approach with regard to human rights in any nation. Thereby, Ecuador votes against the resolution.” Ecuador stated.