Death Certificates For Missing Tamils


Families in Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi have been provided with death certificates for their missing relatives without a proper inquiry being conducted, TNA MP Suresh Premachandran told to the Colombo media.

Premachandran alleged that two weeks ago over 30 families, all of whom had reported relatives as missing, were called to the Mullaitivu police station by the army. It was there that they were questioned about the personal details of their missing relatives before being handed a form to sign. “Once this form was signed they were given a death certificate, most of the families signed but some refused asking for a proper inquiry to be held”, he said.

Premachandran explained that these families had been told their relations were killed during the war, “some of the families refused to accept this explanation saying that they knew of their relatives being arrested by the security forces during the conflict.”

He went on to further question why the army was involved in this, “if they were notifying the civilians about the death of their relatives the army is not necessary.

Instead the police should be carrying out inquiries into these deaths without ignoring it by issuing death certificates.” Premachandran also said that he was aware of other such incidences reported in Kilinochchi last week as well.


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