The Global Tamil Conference for an International Independent Investigation in Sri Lanka to be held at the Houses of Parliament, Terrace Pavilion,London, UK on Wednesday, 7th November 2012, between 12.15 PM and 15.00 PM.

On 18 May 2009, Sri Lankan government executed the final stages of the war on Tamils and massacred well over 40,000 civilians and 146,679 are still unaccounted for. The allegation of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the civil war in Sri Lanka, particularly towards the end of the conflict is a matter, which needs to be thoroughly investigated for justice to be served to the victims and for peace to return to that island.

The advisory panel appointed by the UN Secretary General, highlighted its concern as follows:

“It is imperative that international steps to ensure accountability not be held hostage to unnecessarily slow or otherwise ineffective national efforts” Thus, while the Sri-Lankan authorities should immediately embark on a genuine investigation of the alleged violations in this report, the panel considers that an independent and complementary international approach is imperative. (Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on accountability in Sri-Lanka. (Sec:441))

The Conference would share the concerns highlighted by the UN Advisory Panel. The Conference would urge the Prime Ministers of India and Britain to take the lead in the international arena to bring the perpetrators of these, heinous crimes to justice, through the appropriate international bodies and mechanisms.

The conference would be attended by Global Tamil Parliamentarians, human rights activists and organisations from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Europe, USA, Canada, Mauritius, Ireland and UK. They would be representing nearly 75 million Tamils globally. Key coalition partners of the Indian government and Parliamentarians from the Tamil Nadu State Assembly will also be in attendance. The conference would also have invitees from key international human rights organisations and media organisations.

The conference is jointly organised by the British Tamils Forum and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils in the UK Parliament.



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