GTF Accepts Wigneswaran


vignesThe Tamil Diaspora has accepted the appointment of former Supreme Court Judge C. V. Wigneswaran as the Chief Ministerial candidate of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). Earlier there was a rift in the TNA over the appointment with several TNA members, especially those in Jaffna backing TNA MP Mavai Senathirajah. The Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a Tamil group in Britain, said that Wigneswaran’s appointment satisfies the needs of the day of the all important job.

“TNA as a political alliance has demonstrated through various democratic processes over the past several years under impossible circumstances that they are the trusted leadership of the Tamil people on the island of Sri Lanka, at present. Their democratic credentials will be re-validated by these elections yet again as long as the elections are held as free and fair elections with independent international monitors.

The people in the North will vote overwhelmingly for the TNA to prove that they reject all others who may claim to represent our people at these elections. Through this vote they will also demonstrate that investment in infrastructure development on its own will not satisfy the Tamils’ thirst for justice, equality, peace and freedom. This will also prove to the twisted minds that no amount of military intimidation through occupation will suppress our people’s demand for self determination,” GTF spokesperson Suren Surendiran told Colombo based The Sunday Leader.

He said that Wigneswaran, with his legal mind, his expertise in constitutional and legal processes, his ability to articulate issues in a logical form so that anyone can understand, his command of languages and leadership qualities combined with the ability to mobilise people and be the soul of the grassroots of the Tamil polity, is capable of meeting the requirements of the current political circumstances.