India has the accountability concerning Balachandran slaying


Indian government has the responsibility to hold an impartial probe concerning the slaying of Balachandran was said by Indian military former intelligence unit official Col.Hariharan

Video photographs of Liberation tiger Leader Pirabakaran’s youngest son Balachandran after given food by Sri Lanka forces was later killed was  published by the  British Media

This is a serious accusation connected with India which supported the war.  This is a brutal and abominable act executed by a government which has close links with India.

Hence on   humanitarian concern, on the basis of India’s individual welfare, impartial investigation is needed regarding these allegations. If proved authentic, it will be established it is Sri lanka’s war crime for which there is no doubt.

It is not given importance because it is the youngest son of Pirabakaran, but he is a kid and he is not a rebel from the liberation tiger movement. It is similar to thousands faced adversaries during war and later was caught and assassinated.

 The allegations revealed by Channel 4 TV that Liberation tigers were killed on detention, has further intensified by this video images was mentioned by him.


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