India looks forward to a speedy resolution


India told the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Friday that it looked forward to a speedy resolution of the residual issues pertaining to the resettlement and rehabilitation process in Sri Lanka, the Colombo media reports.

In a statement to the UNHRC, India also expressed hope that the investigations in Sri Lanka of allegations of human rights violations and loss of civilian lives will be independent and credible.

Expressing that it appreciated Sri Lanka’s acceptance of India’s proposal to implement the recommendations of the LLRC Report and to promote a trilingual policy, the statement noted that,

“We hope other issues like early progress towards reconciliation, reduction of high security zones, return of private land by the military and phasing out of the security forces in civilian activities in the Northern Province, will be done in an effective and timely manner”.

India also said it had noted the commitment by the Sri Lankan Government to hold Provincial Council elections in the Northern Province in September 2013.

“It is our expectation that the people of the Province would be able to exercise their democratic right as guaranteed to them by the Sri Lankan constitution at this time,” India said.

India also wished Sri Lanka success in the implementation of its recommendations and urged the Government of Sri Lanka to expedite the process of a political settlement and work towards genuine national reconciliation.