India objects to Sri Lanka’s false propaganda


India is disgruntled with the false propaganda being carried out by elements that are pro-Rajapaksa government and parties affiliated to the government that India’s RAW was behind the attack on Buddhagaya, diplomatic sources said.

A diplomat from New Delhi has told several senior officials from Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Ministry that the Rajapaksa government was acting like a thug before India with the support of Russia and China. The diplomat had likened Russia and China to “two big balloons.” “The day these balloons lose air, the Rajapaksa government will understand its folly,” the diplomat has added.

The Bodhu Bala Sena and the Sihala Ravaya on several occasions have said they would surround the Indian High Commission in Colombo and the diplomat has said that India was well aware that the Rajapaksa government was behind the extremist groups operating in the country. The diplomat has said with a smile that India behaved like a mature elder brother where the spoilt younger brother Sri Lanka is concerned.

According to the diplomat, the central government of India is facing a great difficulty in the face of the demand by Tamil Nadu politicians to take over the Katchchatheevu Island since the Sirima-Shasthri agreement was not approved by the Lok Sabha.