India playing double games – TNA


The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) yesterday accused India of double standards and maintaining silence when it comes to the matters concerning Sri Lankan Tamils.

TNA Jaffna District Parliamentarian, E. Saravanabavan speaking during the second reading of the Budget 2013, said India should either support or stay away from the matters of Tamils instead of playing double games.

“Thousands of Tamils in the North and East shed blood to achieve their rights, but India let them down. Due to the recent behavioural trends of the Indian Government, there is a serious and reasonable doubt among the Tamil people whether India genuinely wants to force the Sri Lankan Government to resolving the matters,” he said.

Speaking further, Saravanabavan said, “Now the government is talking about abolishing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and several ministers, including Wimal Weerawansa and Champika Ranawaka, have launched a campaign in this regard. You can see newspaper articles relating to this every day. However, now Tamils have a serious doubt whether this discussion to abolish the 13th Amendment erupted with the blessings and backing of India as India is silent about the whole issue,” Saravanabavan charged.


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