India watering down the US resolution


The Indian government seems to have been successful in watering down the proposed second US resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. The revised US draft, which was tabled on Monday, is much softer and “there is a lot of evidence to clearly show the imprint of Indian influence,” said G
Ananthapadmanabhan, Chief Executive of Amnesty International in India.

The revised US draft resolution is much softer in the context of the overwhelming volume of new evidence that has been unearthed since the 21st session of UNHRC last year.

There is a lot of evidence in this draft resolution to clearly show the imprint of Indian influence. There is a significant downgrading of the international community’s concerns regarding human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

The draft resolution places the onus on Sri Lanka to set up a mechanism for a credible, independent investigation given that GoSL has had 4 years to show progress it is disappointing that the resolution does not call for an International investigation.” he added.