Justice to the 147000 Tamils – Mass demonstration in London


BTFlogosIt will be four years on the 18th May 2013 since the war on the Tamil people ended.  Having ended the war, massacring more than 40,000 people in just the last few weeks, the Sri Lankan state had continued its agenda of ethnically cleansing the Homeland of the Tamil people, in the North and East of the island.

The Tamil people’s homeland is currently occupied by the all Sinhala military at the ratio of 1 military personnel for every 5 civilians.  Rape, murder, abduction and torture by the Sri Lankan military are carried out with absolute impunity in the occupied Tamil homeland.   The notorious “White van” death squads of the military continue to abduct and murder the Tamil people, terrorising them into leaving the island.   As recently as April 2013, the only Tamil newspaper published in the Tamil people’s homeland was set ablaze by the military.  This was the third attack on this newspaper in the first four months in 2013.   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/office-of-outspoken-tamil-newspaper-uthayan-attacked-in-sri-lanka-8570776.html

A Tamil man who had returned from Australia to attend to his seriously ill uncle was picked up by the white van and tortured.  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-24/sri-lankan-details-claims-of-rape-and-torture-by-army/4649954?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=gplus

Tamil farmers have been chased away from their farmlands which are now occupied by Sinhala farmers.  Tamil fishermen have been driven out of their coastal villages which are now taken over by Sinhala fishermen.   The Tamil people’s lands are forcefully taken away for building Sinhala military camps and to house the families of the Sinhala servicemen.

The continuing persecution of the Tamil people have resulted in mass exodus of Tamil people and have deterred many who wanted to return to their ancestral homeland at the end of the war. In 2012 alone 6000 Tamil people fled the island to escape persecution by the Sri Lankan state.   They sought refuge in far-away places including Britain.

The British people have the right to know of the continuing genocide that is taking place in Sri Lanka and the consequent influx of Tamil immigrants

The Sri Lankan state having committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, continues to defy calls for an international independent inquiry into its conduct of the war.  The UN panel of experts reported that it had evidence indicating the Sri Lankan military shelling hospitals and its own declared no fire zones, killing tens of thousands of Tamil civilians who had sought refuge in them.

The soft diplomacy practiced by the international community including Britain is having no effect on the Sri Lankan state which is continuing with its structural genocide of the Tamil nation in the island.

We the Tamil people in Britain seek the help of the British press to inform the British people of the injustices meted out to our kith and kin in our ancestral homeland.

Your reporting of this mass demonstration on 18th May 2013 will help us to get our message across to a wider British population so that the British people demand of the British government to act decisively and effectively to halt the on-going genocide of Tamils in the Island of Sri Lanka

Details of 18th May event:

Start ,1 ,Pm ,North Carriage Park, Hyde Park  (Closest station:Marble Arch)

End ,05,Pm ,Waterloo Place  (Closest station: Piccadilly Circus)