Lanka pulls out of Tamil Nadu


The Government is exploring the possibility of shifting the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commissioner’s office in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, to Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala State. The move comes after the recall to Colombo of SSP Rohan Dias, who is Sri Lanka’s Defence Attach� in the DHC’s office.

The developments have been prompted by growing anti-Sri Lanka sentiments, threats and intimidation to those visiting Tamil Nadu cities, particularly Chennai. A senior External Affairs Ministry official said yesterday that even the Sri Lankan Defence Attach� had found it difficult to carry out his duties without hindrance. He said he had been subjected to harassment.

With the help of the central government, the High Commissioner assured that police in Tamil Nadu had been advised to provide maximum protection so Sri Lankans and they would not face any untoward incidents. An External Affairs Ministry official said, “We are watching the situation closely and will enforce a travel advisory only if it becomes extremely necessary.”