Lankan war crime – All-party meeting in India


warcrime-12The Indian government will meet with the leaders of all political parties tonight to discuss the draft of a resolution on Sri Lanka that it wants Parliament to adopt. Sources say the draft is likely to call for an independent inquiry into alleged war crimes against Sri Lanka’s ethnic Tamils.

Parties like the BJP are opposed to a resolution because they say it will be seen as interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

Earlier today, the government announced that it will also move amendments to the UN resolution against Sri Lanka at Geneva. The vote will take place tomorrow on the resolution which has been moved by the US.

Amendments in Geneva and a parliamentary resolution were both demanded by the DMK.

Though the government has acquiesced to both, the DMK has ruled out a reconciliation with the government. The party wanted India to urge the UN to accuse Sri Lanka of “genocide” and demand an international inquiry.

“India’s position has always been that UN should adopt a strong resolution to goad Sri Lanka to accept an independent investigation,” said Finance Minister P Chidambaram on the amendments India will seek in Geneva. But 24 of the 47 member countries of the UN Human Rights Council will have to back any changes that India wants, which is unlikely. This morning, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath said that despite the DMK’s exit, government is “neither lame nor a duck.” He asserted, “No political party has come out and challenged the majority of this government.”

That is because even without the DMK’s 18 Lok Sabha MPs, the government will not lose a vote that tests its majority because of the support of regional powerhouses Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati. (NDTV)