Life of Tamil in North crashed – HRW


tamil_women_410px_21-05-123The Human Rights Watch organization states that the situation of human rights and freedom of the People in the Northern part of Sri Lanka has heavily decreased during the past 4 years.

They also say that the Rajapaksa Govt has been unable to keep the promises that it will provide solutions for the plight of Tamil people, as the Govt has been unable to do justice by punishing those who committed war crimes.

Director for Asian affairs in the HRW states that many have not even heard a word about their disappeared relatives even after 4 years of the war.

Mr.Sundaram Mahendran, a member of the Committee on disappearances says that the amount of disappeared exceeds thousands.

However, former TNA MP siwajilingam says that the disappeared amount nears 40,000.

Meanwhile Secretary of the United Socialist Party Mr.Sirithunga Jayasuriya says that the statement made by Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph that the disappeared amount nears 140,000 has to be taken in to account.

Mr.Dinasena Rathugamage who toured in the North reporting for the BBC reveals that many those who were surrendered to the Armed forces are also among the missing.

-BBC Sandeashaya.