Lost of GSP+ – 186 garment factories closed


The abolishing  of GSP + concessions has led to the shut down of 186 garment factories the joint- Secretary of the   FTZ and GSEU , Mr. Anton Marcus  told ‘ Mirror’. He pointed out that  almost 217,000  workers lost their their jobs.

In 2000, SL had 835 garment factories  and in 2004 it had been reduced to 500.

In the year 2000, those who had employment in the garment trade exceeded  one million and now the figure had dropped to 283,000.

However, Mr. Marcus pointed out that the income from the garment industry had not gone down since less workers are working more to offset the drop in those employed. 

He said that while at the beginning, simple finished garments were exported today the focus is on specialized designer garments with a high demand in the world market  thu earming a greater income. 


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