No EU monitors for Northern PC poll


EUflagsThe Sri Lankan government has not yet made any request for elections monitor from the European Union for the Northern Provincial Council elections, the EU Ambassador in Colombo said.

Head of Delegation of the European Union to Sri Lanka Bernard Savage said that it was if the Sri Lankan government requests for foreign monitors the EU will respond accordingly.

The Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa had announced that elections will be held in September but the Department of Elections is yet to be notified.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had recently called for foreign monitors at the Northern Provincial Council elections scheduled to be held in September.

The TNA had told the Elections Commissioner that having foreign monitors will help ensure the election is free and fair.

“What Salley told me when I met him was that there had been no compromise and that he had been released unconditionally. There had not been any apology by Salley and he said that the police agent had tried to get him to issue certain prepared affidavits. But Azath told me that he had totally rejected them and had later produced his own affidavit in the form of a statement in which he had stated that he is a democrat and is working with other opposition political leaders to share power and bring about unity in the country. He had also told the investigators that he had not spoken or acted against any community in this country,” Ganesan said.

Ganesan further stated that while Salley was able to talk to him he was visibly weak, but was expected to recover in a couple of days. It was reported that Salley had reportedly written a letter to the President, admitting that he was guilty of the accusations against him and requested the President to pardon him.